Beach Breeze

1DSC_2526The marine layer was dense on the evening Julia and I planned to shoot. The San Diego weather had been unpredictable and I was deliberating on rescheduling just hours before the shoot. We stuck with our plan and as the shoot went forth the clouds rolled away and exposed a beautiful soft light. Julia is a young talent recently chosen to model Los Angeles’ fashion swimwear from Boutine LA. We linked up to collaborate for the occasion, and the beach treated us well! Hope you enjoy these casual beach photos!

Model: Julia Reilly

Bathing Suit bottoms by Boutine LA


1DSC_2637 1DSC_26221DSC_2648


1DSC_2753 1DSC_27671DSC_2913 1DSC_29561DSC_2788

1DSC_3015 1DSC_3054


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