Digging up the past…


Melina, 2014


Thank you all for following me the past couple years through my experiment and dabble in photography.  Throughout these last couple years in my relationship with photography, I’ve been riding a rough wave of balance in my life, trying to surf with consistent inspiration, and like many other art minded people, I’ve found myself sometimes coming up short. Although, there are many times I feel overcome and overwhelmed with ideas and mental images,  life calls and has disrupted my art.


Adrienne 2012

As time goes by, and shifts in routine sway, my objective with art varies. I’ve found myself uninterested with the politics of photography as I was once obsessed with, and find myself only concerned with producing emotional, artistic images that attack viewers with a sense of emotion and connectivity with their interpretation of an image.


Morgan, 2011

This new project serves as my attempt at sharing my own images with the public, and a timeline of my inevitable growth and journey.


Britney, 2011


Angie, 2011



Northern California, 2009